Getting to know Nanhua

Chief Introduction

Mr. Hung Cheng-kuo
Mr. Hung Cheng-kuo

Main experiences:

Officer of South District Office, Tainan City
Leader of the cleaning unit of south district, environmental protection bureau of Tainan City Government
Director of the Household Registration Office of Guiren District, Tainan City

Message from Chief:

Nanhua District is blessed with precious and priced natural resources, diverse and rich agricultural industry characteristics, legendary historical background, and flourishing arts and humanities.

On 25th December 2014, I followed orders and took over as the mayor to shoulder great responsibility. It not only represents commitment and challenge, but a supreme honor as well. I shall be humble and do everything I can to take concerted action with the city government in promoting administration policy while listening to public opinions and solving problems for the people.

Shouldering the heightened expectations of the folk of Nanhua District about the district administration, I shall urge the team of the District Office to promote district administration efficiently and continuously. In addition to that, I shall unite private companies and associations, be the conduit to various community resources, and show more care and attention to the disadvantaged group. I shall also give due consideration to fairness and justice to establish a perfect the network of social service.

In the future, I will gradually cultivate artistic and literary scenes in the community, foster features of special local agricultural products, and improve the appearance of the district and green landscaping in the community. By actively creating a new image of the mountain town as lively, lush, and suitable for sightseeing, local youths and talents traveling outside could start businesses, work, and settle down here, allowing fellow townsmen to be proud of being a Nanhua citizen. Together let us grow as we learn and learn as we progress. Let us work together to create a better tomorrow for Nanhua.