Getting to know Nanhua

Local Celebrities

Wen Hsia
Wen Hsia (Taiwanese: Bûn-hā, born 20th May 1928), whose real name is Wang Jui-ho was under the pseudonym, Choujen and had a wife, Wen Hsiang. He was a famous Taiwanese language singer who had released dozens of albums and recorded twelve hundred songs. He had worked as a group with Wen Hsiang, Wen Feng, Wen Chuen and Wen Ying, forming Wen Hsia Four Sister Choir, which was composed of 4 women and 1 man. He starred in 11 Taiwanese-language films between 1962 and 1972. Under the pseudonym, Choujen, he translated more than 300 Japanese songs, including the famous "Hometown at Dusk," "Mom, Please Take care of yourself," and "That Young Lady." In 2012, he was awarded the Special Contribution Award in the 23rd Golden Melody Awards.
Tsao Ya-wen
Tsao Ya-wen (born 30th November 1986) graduated from the Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies in Chang Jung Christian University and participated in "Super Star," a singing talent show aired on FTV. During the competition, she challenged herself to sing various types of songs (e.g. Yi-ling Huang, Jody Chiang, Chan Ya-wen, Mai Sun, Laney Wu, Lin Shu-jung, Mika Hsiang, He Yi-hang, Shen Wen-cheng, Linn Yann and more). Having gone through eight months of honing, she successfully retained the championship title of the Taiwanese-language group for 20 stages, and won NTD 1 million in cash prize. She was the first competitor to have won such prize. She also participated in Asian New Talent Singing Contest aired on GTV in 2004 and was the first to win first prize in the 2nd season.
Wei-yin Chen
Wei-yin Chen , (born 21 July 1985) is a Taiwanese baseball player. Currently a US-based professional baseball player, he is often nicknamed "Yinnie" by the press. His motto is "work hard" and he is Taiwan's first player who got into MLB from Japanese professional Baseball League. In 2009, he led the defense of Japanese Professional Baseball League Central League.

Wei-Yin Chen, graduated from National University of Physical Education, played for Chunichi Dragons Team in the Japanese Professional Baseball League. He is currently playing for Baltimore Orioles in the MLB. In 2012, he became the pitcher with the most wins in Orioles with 12 wins. The fielding position is starting pitcher.
Li Chang-Hsien
Li Chang-Hsien was born in Nanhua, Tainan in 1954. He graduated from the department of Electronic Engineering in Runshan Junior College and started working in Nanzhi processing zones in 1977. Responsible for controlling the production process, he progressed from the grassroots level and he was promoted to become the manager for manufacturing department and materials department. He retired in 2005. He founded a poetry magazine, "Small Collection of Sunshine," with these literary friends in 1979. He joined the poetry journal, "Maybe," "Green Space Poets Society" and so on. He focused on publishing poems with the people and things in processing zones as the theme in the 1980s. He was one of the winners of Li Poetry award. He is a colleague and the editor of Li Poetry Society and the Secretary-General of Taiwan's Association of Poets. He is the author of "Poems of the Processing Zones," "Collection of Ecology," "Production Line," "Observing the Starry Sky," "From Youth to White Hair," "Group Portrait of Taiwan's Poets – Collection of Poems by Li Chang-xian," "Dew," and "The Horizon of Beauty."