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Industry Overview

Industry Overview

(A) Agriculture

The district has an arable area of 3602 hectares. The main crops include longan, mango, citrus, lychee, and bamboo shoots, which are all located on the hills of each village. The region's fruit growing area accounts for about 85% of the entire arable land. The other 15% is used to cultivate miscellaneous crops. Mango and longan are the district's major products. Irwin mango, in particular, has become the star product of the district. Having enjoyed great reputation in Taiwan, it has entered into the Japanese and Chinese markets in recent years. In addition, there have also been diverse developments of improved planting of other crops, such as screen-house cultured papaya, wax apple, date, brown sugar made from white sugarcanes, longan flower tea, and more.

(B) Forestry

The district has a forestland area of about 6120 hectares. The high altitude location is suitable for the cultivation of dendrocalamus Iatiflorus Munro and thorny bamboo. It has an area of about 1420 hectares, and most of the rest of the land is used for afforestation. A small part of the land is also used to grow fruits.