Specialty Snacks

1. Longan flower tea

Longan flower is an excellent source of antioxidant that works to scavenge free radicals, enhance energy production, and integrate magnesium ions. It is a natural product that has health benefits. Brewing method:

1. Pour 1500cc of hot water over 5-8 grams of longan flower (please make adjustments according to personal taste). Infuse for 5-8 minutes.
2. Re-infuse according to personal preference. Add black tea or other tealeaves to create unique flavors.
3. It can be served both hot and cold (honey can be added when served cold).



2. Mommy Field – Alan's catering

Located at 386.5 k of the 3rd Taiwan Provincial Road, "Mommy Field" does not refer to any specific mother, rather, all the women who work in the fields. With the guidance of Farmer's Association, all "mommies Field" from the countryside were transformed into experts of local cuisine. Here at Mommy Field – Alan's Catering in Nanhua District, Tainan City, one can buy a bowl of noodles in thick soup with just NTD 60, which is a real bargain, or spend NTD 5000 on a full table of sumptuous dishes ... whichever way you like, your taste buds are guaranteed to be captivated. The free-range chickens taste naturally sweet; meat sealed in bamboo shoots cooked in traditional fashion is perfect for wanderers who miss the taste of home. The seemingly plain stir-fried water spinach and cabbage taste so fresh and naturally sweet as they are done to a turn. In addition, the boiled shrimp is so sweet and fresh. Thanks to Alan's daily visit to the local market to handpick the freshest ingredients. "Stir-fried pickled bamboo shoots and large intestine" is yet another classic traditional cuisine filled with Hakka flavor, making your moth water with the sour, sour taste. Our signature dish, "braised tilapia," is made with our uniquely blended sauce ... If you want to experience the snacks with rural flavors, come to Mommy Field "Alan's Catering"!

Address: No.6-5, Xipu village, Nanhua Dist., Tainan City 716, Taiwan (at 386.5 k of the 3rd Taiwan Provincial Road)
Tel: 06-5773917 ;0933333374
Business Hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm



3. Nanhua's dried Irwin mango

Produced without any added ingredients. Manually baked, produced with ripe fresh mangoes; the aroma of natural fruit; no artificial preservatives added; new healthy food; satisfy all the picky gourmands to ensure aftertaste that lingers; the product is made with freshly sliced meat of mangoes, which is baked with steam, presenting you with the original taste and color. No sweetener or artificial flavors added. It is great as gift or for your own use. The best choice for people who care about health and naturally produced food!